Our Story

dscn0555Way back in the time machine,

over three years ago now, I began making soap due to my severe sensitivity to over the counter soap products. You see, I am one of those super pale, pasty, nearly transparent practically vampyrish complexions. I have had moderate to severe acne most of my life, (even at 42.)
I did extensive research into the commercial industry during my journey, and to say the least I was shocked at the ingredients and detergents used in big store products. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. It was there I decided to start soap making.
I have never turned back. Not only has my complexion improved, but I found, to my surprise, that soap making was very interesting to me. I love the science behind it, I love the process, and especially enjoy making something with my talent alone that I know PRECISELY what went into it. That is the best part of soapmaking in my opinion. Making a quality product that I am proud to share with my community.
As I decided to make the jump into my own business. I wanted to include Diesel in the marketing somehow. I deliberated and struggled with the subject, and came up empty handed as to how to incorporate him.
Finally it struck me like a brick wall. I thought about how we met him, how he came into our lives, and how much fun and light he has brought to us since the beginning. You see Curtis found him in a shelter. Upon his 12 hour trek to retrieve him, they became best buds. When he was taken for a checkup at the vet, he was horrendously malnourished, practically starved, his ribs protruded, and he was lethargic. He needed help, attention, and lots of love.
This is the epiphany I had. It all came together at that moment. I knew I had found my calling. For so many years, my dream has been to do something I love while helping others in need. I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my products, OUR story, and show you personally just how far Diesel has come. He is older…white-gray is replacing around his face and feet, but he is doing wonderfully. Lounging, playing with his favorite annoying, squeaking, NERF ball, eating A LOT, and making us laugh. (We affectionately call him Jowlyskins because of those drooly, hanging jaws. He is really something else.:)

Now is our chance to give back to the ones who don’t have the luxuries like Diesel has. We regularly donate baskets, bath bombs, and soaps to two local charitable organizations Fayette Cares who serves victims of domestic violence and their families, and Fayette County Animal Rescue that is a local no- kill animal shelter. We also donate to other great causes such as our local public school Oakland Elementary, and recently The Streetdog Foundation. It is something I believe in and feel good about. That is the premise of ours. It is our mission statement: Soaps with a greater purpose. Thank you for reading, and please come back for updates!

With Gratitude,

April D. Harvey Owner