About Us

picture-27April Harvey- Owner/Creator/Designer

  • Transparently pasty- complexioned certifiable soap geek. I love all aspects of soap creation from the first ideas of selecting ingredients, to the qualities each one will bring to the soap. I am absolutely fascinated, passionate, obsessed…



12670585_10201263973838729_8218181893140295549_nCurtis Harvey- Marketing/Public Relations

  • The backbone of Big Blue Dog Soaps. My husband, mentor, adviser, significant other, best friend, and best cheerleader. Without Curt, BBDS simply wouldn’t have come to fruition: I will always be grateful to you love. Thank you.



dscn0481Noah McGowan- Customer Service/ Teenage Labor

  • My youngest child, nearly 18! Proven to have the strongest back in the household. He lugs heavy boxes, makes women fall over themselves with his charm and maturity, and is a godsend helping me set up at markets. (I despise pitching up canopies..EZ pop up my foot!) Without him, Mom’s back and pride is broken! Thank you so much my wonderful son!


13133205_493800590810692_4725967418514486420_nDiesel- Overseer/Dictator

  • Diesel is our namesake, and why I am here. He was a shelter rescued by my husband Curtis. He has brought us so much laughter and happiness along the way. Thank you Diesel for being the central piece of my inspiration