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You can buy beautiful, unique, and elegant handmade cold process soap here!

We are so pleased you’ve decided to buy handmade soap and shop with us! Our high quality soaps are a vast improvement over conventional soap brands.

  • With absolutely no harsh detergents, you can recognize every ingredient on our label.
  • All of our soaps are made with sodium hydroxide, or commonly known as lye, but is completely saponified with oils and butters, and no lye remains in the product. Soap simply cannot be made without it.
  • All soaps are superfatted, which means extra butters are left in the final product, leaving your skin with a silky feel. 

Please grab some coffee and stay a while. We have lots to show you, and many more exciting products to come. When you buy handmade soap, you can buy with confidence as our cold process soap recipes and bath products are luxurious to use, smell beautiful, and are great for all occasions: weddings, gifts, favors, parties, and much more!

All of our handmade soaps currently in stock! Check back often for updates!

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